20/92 Video Festival, Icebox Project Space, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Re:Formation, Gallery Madison Park, New York, NY (forthcoming)
The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY (forthcoming)
Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (forthcoming)
Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston, MA (forthcoming)

Not the Grammys, Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore, MD
It's Not Funny, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY
The Jump Off, UICA, Grand Rapids, MI
Art from Art, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Color - Primary to Tertiary, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
8-Bit, Whitdel Arts, Detroit, MI
Technorama, Sean Christopher Gallery, Columbus, OH (solo)
Wrecka Playa, Streetlight Guild / Second Sight Project, Columbus, OH

Introductions, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Neumann Plus One, Proto Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
Anthology, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY
Gesture Control, Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH
Just My Type, Whitdel Arts, Detroit, MI
Futurismo, Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH (solo)
The Future Is Behind Us, NEIU Fine Arts Center, Chicago, IL (solo)
Compressed, Rivet, Columbus, OH 

Art + Science, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY
Beyond Our Walls, Ohio State University Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH
Legend, Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, OH
Untitled, Lumos Gallery, Columbus, OH

Untitled, Lumos Gallery, Columbus, OH
HWD, Rosewood Gallery, Dayton, OH
Roy/Joy/Boy, CML Carnegie Gallery, Columbus, OH

In Code, Ohio State University Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH (solo)
OhioCentric, Ohio State University Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH
2012, Fuse Factory, Columbus, OH

Ignition 4.0, Fuse Factory, Columbus, OH
Off the Wall, The Works, Newark, OH and McConnell Arts Center, Columbus, OH

Homage to the Abstract, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
Art from the Heartland, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN
Inventions, McConnell Arts Center, Columbus, OH (solo)

Ignition, Fuse Factory, Columbus, OH
International Juried Show, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ
Strange Loop, Elements of Art, Columbus, OH (solo)
Heartland, Rivet, Columbus, OH

All Media, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Detroit, MI
Techart III, South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA
Tyler Bohm, Dan Olsen and Kisha Swift, ROY G BIV, Columbus, OH

Automation, Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Detroit, MI


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BA, Kenyon College, Gambier, OH


The technologies that shape our lives represent an intriguing platform for speculation. They evoke an array of hypothetical futures drawn from both the dystopian and utopian ends of science fiction. I explore this evolving technological landscape by imagining futurist scenarios that reflect our broader hopes and fears about the present.

My work speculates on the imminent, drawing on science fiction narratives and past eras' visions of the future. It explores themes such as technophilia and technophobia, how we understand and relate to emerging artificial intelligences, and how we maintain a sense of normalcy in the face of rapid technological change. 

These thematic interests dovetail with my process. I am interested in the role and potential of digital and fabrication technologies, and have adopted tools such as 3d modeling software and laser cutting to translate digital designs into physical objects, which I paint and assemble by hand.